Section 106 Consulting Parties


The National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) requires the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to take into account the effects of the project on properties listed in, or eligible for listing in, the National Register of Historic Places. Section 106 outlines the process involved in identifying and assessing the project’s effects on historic properties. Click here to learn more from the National Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

Consulting parties play a key role, including:

  • Providing input regarding effects the project may have to historic properties
  • Assisting in the development of appropriate mitigation measures to resolve any adverse effects to historic properties


Section 106 consulting parties may include historical societies, preservation societies, local governments, historic neighborhood representatives, landowners and other residents with an interest in the project or concerned about the project’s effect on historic properties.

The project team anticipates meeting regularly with consulting parties. If you want to become a consulting party, contact Kia Gillette, environmental lead for the project team. Please include your contact information, organization or agency you represent and why you feel you should be considered as a consulting party.


Section 106 Update Memo 8 (December 2019)

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Section 106 Update Memo 1 (January 2018)
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Attachment B – Consulting Parties List
Attachment C – HPR Management Summary
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Attachment E – Comments and Responses

Historic Property Report (December 2017)
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Attachment: Appendix A1 – Figures
Attachment: Appendix A2 – Figures
Attachment: Appendix B – Properties Determined Eligible for the NRHP  
Attachment: Appendix C – Contributing Rated Resources

Consulting Parties Meeting 1 Minutes (October 2017)

Section 106 Early Coordination Letter (September 2017)